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Lafayette Townhome Re-Sale

This unique semi-custom townhome luxury resale nestled in an exclusive community in the East Bay presented a great opportunity for me to create a comprehensive campaign portfolio comprised of video tours, informative flyers highlighting lifestyle and custom upgrades, and brand refreshing. 


Video Tour

This virtual tour walks the viewer through each level of the townhome while pointing out intriguing features & information. Synthesized versions were used across social media & listing platforms.


Listing Flyer

A contemporary and clean listing flyer with home highlights, but an emphases on location and lifestyle. Photography used as visual guides in order to reduce copy and leave interested buyers to explore more on website or reach out via phone. 


Upgrades Flyer 

As a semi-custom new build, this flyer showcased all of the selected and upgraded features designed by the original owner. This increased the credibility of luxury to interested buyers while emphasizing the uniqueness and modern elements offered which was not found in local competition. 


Re-Sale Sign Re-Vamp

These signs showcase the new design, branding and layout that I put together for our resale activities. The snipes are "active" instead of the standard "For Sale" to stand out and prompt response. 25% of leads generated from listing sign. 


Eblast Campaign

This campaign was sent out to the list of registrations from the website & brokers. 


Print & Digital Ads

With the influx of urban relocators and limited product availability, these ads guaranteed marketing would reach a broad range of the target demographics. Each ad was run for three weeks in two local newspapers, e-papers, and as a virtual open house. In one weekend, over 150 people clicked through on the open house ad and led to an influx of website registrations and tours. 

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