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Release Priority List System

 Due to the demand increase for new home housing, the Priority List System was put in place to solve various issues. Designed by upper management, I managed daily tasks and content which included communication with clients for release information, updating weekly inventory, summarization of interest list data, and traffic managing release campaigns with creative team. This led to consistent releases and higher buyer satisfaction which fostered brand positivity in the community. The approach to "Hassle Free Homebuying" won this client "Best Homebuilder" in their market. 


Release Schedule Cheat Sheet

 This document was shared with internal marketing team, sales associates, and client. It maintained  an accurate record of updates and dates for each collateral piece for release.  


Community Release Cheat Sheet

With each release at a community, a Release Cheat Sheet would be made. This summarized report was shared with members of the creative team in order to create the associated landing pages, floorplans, and eblasts. 


Priority List Flyer

Each community had a Priority List Flyer that contained standardized steps, branded community images, and community specific contact or loan information. A buyer could not be qualified to buy a home without being on the Priority List, so getting them concise information in a timely & easy manner was imperative. 


Release Campaign

These "short and sweet" emails directed buyers to the landing page which contained release specific information. Please click on the buttons to right & explore!

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