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The Meadows at Orting logo.png

Community Branding

At the base of Mt. Rainier, the charming town of Orting suffered from lack of awareness about its unique lifestyle opportunities. To introduce an enclave of 40 new rambler-style homes, we created a logo featuring local wild flowers, captured charming downtown hotspots on an interactive map, and developed e-brochures to reach a broader audience. We targeted 40+ empty nesters looking to escape urban life. Homes sold out quicker than projected. 


Community E-Brochure

This piece expertly presents product information in an efficient way. Beautiful photography used to visually story tell and compel without copy overload. 


Orting Area Guidebook

To entice lead registrations on the website with with additional non-product orientated conversion points, I worked on lifestyle content creation. This infographic guidebook rediscovers the bountiful opportunities and quaint rural life found in Orting. I researched, strategized implementation, and directed creatives on style, design, and copy. 



Interactive Area Map

Each piece of collateral highlighted local and recognizable elements. To personalize this map, I instructed the designer to re-create the "Welcome to Orting" stone sign, add native lavender bushels and emphasize the importance of fishing on the river. I researched which hotspots would aid locals to rediscover their town and entice non-locals to relocate.

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